In an offshore maintenance or construction project, even the smallest equipment repair requires considerable effort – from planning the logistics to handling the materials and equipment to ensuring the right personnel is completing the project. The smallest oversight of implementing a change can result in costly delays and potentially catastrophic consequences. Tech Fab knows that there is no margin for error and our experienced fabricators are ready to take on your project.

Tech Fab offers turnkey ABS marine fabrication solutions to the marine, shipping, and offshore oil and gas industries. We have extensive offshore platform and structure fabrication experience, including platform, module, skid, and jacket projects, with energy providers in the Gulf of Mexico and United States.

As a self-performing EPFC company, we handle every aspect of an offshore fabrication project. Regardless of the size and complexity, Tech Fab can execute your next offshore platform, rig, or structure fabrication project at our state-of-the-art ASME Code facility. We deliver modular project and packaged equipment services to meet global standards and stringent cost, schedule, performance, and quality demands. After designing and fabricating your offshore structure, we will carefully assemble and meticulously test them in a clean, safe, and controlled environment. Afterwards, we will deploy your assets from our facility that is only miles from the Port of Houston. Because we can ship to your offshore location quickly and efficiently, our clients gain a time-to-market advantage.

For over 20 years, Tech Fab has delivered value-added modular fabrication and construction solutions for oil and gas production platforms and other offshore structures. Whether you need a small PLET, large skid, or multi-level platform, we are your single-source solution provider for all your offshore structure needs.

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Offshore Platform & Structures

Tech Fab has experience designing and manufacturing a diverse range of offshore platforms and structures.

·      Fixed Offshore Platforms

·      Floating Structures (FPSO)

·      Steel Jacket Platforms

·      Pump Decks

·      Compression Modules

·      Fuel Tanks

·      Subsea Structures

·      Chemical Injection Systems

·      Scrubbers

Heavy industrial fabrication with specialty welding services
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Tech Fab’s 26,000 square foot shop meets all the standards and procedures to handle offshore projects. Regardless of how thorough and meticulous the engineering and planning of the project, no plan will move forward without skilled craftsmen who are fully qualified and accredited to implement it. Tech Fab’s ABS welding services include MIG, TIG, SAW, TCAW, GMAW and SMAW on a variety of metals including carbon and stainless steel, nickel alloy, aluminum, and Inconel. Our skilled personnel are equipped for all of your marine metal fabrication needs including:

  • Skids
  • Housings for deep water subsea applications
  • Pressure vessels meeting ASME standards

Conveniently Located in Houston, Texas

Meeting a strict safety and quality control program, Tech Fab can also provide the field installation, commissioning, and startup of our systems before handing it over to the customer. Situated near the Houston Ship Channel, Tech Fab is conveniently located to provide the marine, shipping, and offshore Oil & Gas industries with a one stop shop for all your Marine industry fabrication needs regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

For your complete solution, call Tech Fab at (281) 862-9001.

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