With safety and integrity at the heart of everything we do, Tech Fab has cultivated a culture of doing things the “right way” every time. Because safety is paramount to our business operations, we are committed to zero accidents and zero incidents on every job, regardless of scale or complexity. We have combined process controls, safety initiatives, and job hazard analyses to effectively create protocols and procedures that eliminate risk, prevent personal injury, mitigate damage, and minimize environmental impact.

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Tech Fab is deeply committed to providing a safe and secure workplace environment for all our personnel, contractors, partners, and customers. We not only prioritize and emphasize health, safety, security, and environmentally sound practices, but they are ingrained in the way we conduct our daily duties and business operations.

Our focus on safety starts with our people whether they are working in the office, in our fabrication and assembly shops, or performing field services. Educating, planning, and training for the entire team keeps both our people and end product confidently safe.


We continually strive to identify and eliminate safety risks and any behaviors, processes, conditions, and activities that can be potentially hazardous or harmful. Our Goal Zero Approach allows us to work towards the highest standard of safety: zero incidents, zero accidents, and zero environmental incidents.

It is no accident that we have achieved a perfect 0.0 TRIR safety record. Our safety numbers do not lie:

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Man hours worked: 3,000,000
  • TRIR score: 0.0
  • Mod rating: .72

At Tech Fab, incident-free operations are a key component for determining our level of success. Our adherence to industry best practices allows us to achieve the highest levels of compliance, safety, security, and accountability.


Tech Fab requires our employees, partners, and contractors to complete DISA screening for drugs and alcohol to ensure we hire the right people for the job. This enable us to confidently maintain a safe and secure work environment, mitigate risks, improve productivity, and provide a work-ready workforce.  

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