Water Treatment

Tech Fab delivers a complete wastewater treatment equipment fabrication solution. With more than 25 years of experience serving clients in the water and wastewater industry, we understand the importance of the strength and stability of every piece of equipment.

Our expert professionals provide custom solutions and work in partnership with each customer to fabricate the high-grade wastewater equipment required to complete their job and keep operations flowing dependably for years to come. Tech Fab fabricates water and wastewater equipment like:

  • API Separation Tanks
  • Thickeners
  • Clarifiers
  • Clarifier Rake
  • Reverse Osmosis Packages
  • Electro-coagulation Packages (EC)
  • Stainless steel tanks for wastewater treatment systems
  • Bridges, walkways, ladders and platforms
  • Ozone tanks
  • Carbon filter vessels
  • WFI vessels (water for injection)
  • DI water tanks (deionized water)
large rolled pipe on shop floor

Expert Operations

Proud to be headquartered in Houston, Texas for more than 25 years, our Tech Fab operations are ISO 9001:2015 Certified — dedicated to the strict safety standards for our workers and committed to efficient processes that enable us to deliver only the highest quality wastewater treatment equipment fabrications and prioritize our customer’s unique project needs.

Heavy industrial fabrication with specialty welding services
Tech Fab Industrial Specialty Fabrication Building 2


Tech Fab’s facility consisting of 20,000 sq ft Steel Process, 50,000 sq ft Fabrication and Assembly, and 46,000 sq ft Coatings facility meets and exceeds all standards to handle most any water treatment projects.

In many cases, pre-fabricated/modularized equipment (pipe spools, structural) is the preferred method so that it can be quickly installed at even the most remote locations all while maintaining a better budget and schedule.

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