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Industrial Construction Services

Tech Fab is a self-performing EPFC company and industrial construction contractor that has been providing comprehensive and integrated midstream and industrial construction services for over 25 years. Our turnkey project solutions allow us to be the single source construction services provider for all your heavy civil, mechanical, and industrial construction project needs. From start to finish, we will plan, schedule, and execute every aspect of any midstream civil and heavy mechanical capital asset project.

Using Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as a foundation for our execution plan ensures we establish a clear project path and strong alignment between all project stakeholders and parties involved, including our partners, subcontractors, vendors, craftsmen, and other workforce. We ensure the right people, equipment, and processes are in place at all times to reduce downtime and costs, improve predictability, increase productivity, and reduce safety incidents.

Because our core values of integrity, safety, quality, sustainability, accountability, and excellence are ingrained in our company culture and resonates in our daily work, Tech Fab excels at creating trusted and lasting business relationships with a high percentage of repeat customers. As the single touchpoint for complex industrial construction services, we can manage, execute, and self-perform many aspects of your engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction needs. This allows us to better control the schedule, cost, safety, and quality and quickly provide flexible solutions to alleviate pain points and resolve technical challenges. As a result, we deliver first-class capital projects with unparalleled results that allow you to focus on your core business operations.

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Through our strict adherence and implementation of AWP guidelines, we offer seamless integration of our engineering, procurement, fabrication, and industrial construction team and services that allows:

  • Increased outcome predictability in terms of cost and schedule
  • Quality construction with less rework
  • Boosted safety performance while mitigating risks and safety incidents
  • Decreased downtime and delays
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Streamlined purchasing, procurement, and supply chain management
  • Maximized process efficiencies
  • Increased productivity
  • Delivery of construction and capital asset projects on time

Tech Fab is your one-stop-shop for the EPFC services necessary to seamlessly plan, schedule, and execute your next major civil, mechanical, industrial, and capital asset construction project. Backed by 20 years of proven results and our commitment to quality, safety, and excellence, we’ll eliminate the hassle of communicating with multiple companies and help manage financial and other associated risks to ensure your construction project is completed on-time and on-schedule. One e-mail. One phone call. One company. All the answers.

Shain Bearden
Director of Field Services

Industrial Construction Services and Capabilities

  • Project Management, Planning, and Execution
  • Project Procurement Services
  • Design and Engineering Support
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Turnkey Services
  • Turnaround Services and Execution
  • Contract and Predictive Maintenance Services
  • Project Controls
  • Procedure Management
  • Shop Fabrications
  • Steal Processing
  • Shop Coatings/Paint

Civil Construction Services and Capabilities

  • Pipeline Fabrication, Construction, and Installation
  • Site and Land Preparation and Development
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Environmental
  • Containment
  • Concrete
  • Drainage and Water Retention Ponds
  • Remediation
  • Laydown and Stabilized Yards
  • Engineering
  • Laydown and Stabilized Yards

Mechanical Construction Services and Capabilities

  • Modular Fabrication and Construction
  • Structural Steel
  • Modular Equipment Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Piping and Mechanical Works
  • Sheet Metal Installation
  • Welding Services
  • Skid-Mount Construction
  • Modular Builds for Biofuel and Renewable Fuels
  • Equipment Installation
  • Industrial and Mechanical Process Design, Fabrication, and Installation
  • Turnaround and Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Coatings and Painting

Field Services

  • Modular Equipment Installation
  • Vessel Repair
  • Welding and Specialty Welding (Pipes, Vessels, and Structural)
  • Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Piping Services
  • Site Design and Engineering Support
  • Tank Repair and Coating
  • Dedicated and Project-Specific Crews
  • Industrial Coatings and Painting

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