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Industrial On Site Field Services

Tech Fab provides a full-range of industrial on site field services and mechanical solutions, including new facility construction, facility expansions and upgrades, and maintenance and turnaround services. Our integrated, end-to-end solutions cover a broad spectrum of industrial, structural, mechanical, construction, and piping services.

No matter the business sector you’re in, your industrial facility should support your operations. If it hinders the flow of materials and machinery or constrains space and productivity, there’s an obstacle between you and marketplace success – and it will only grow larger the longer these inefficiencies are unaddressed. 

Whether you’re aiming to build a new industrial facility from the ground up or modernize an aging one, Tech Fab Custom & Production Fabrication can help you realize your goal. As a leading industrial field services provider, we deliver end-to-end facility construction, renovation, maintenance, and expansion solutions for industrial clients on time and within budget, every time. 

Whether providing turnkey services for a new midstream facility or performing a construction-only project for an oil refinery, we deliver value-added services that optimize asset lifecycle costs with a focus on safety and quality.

Tech Fab has an excellent reputation and the proven record for providing flexible solutions with unparalleled results and significant saving.

One-call industrial general contracting services provider with the advanced technology and skilled workforce to offer comprehensive end-to-end project management, planning, and execution.
Complete, end-to-end, and trusted manufacturing solutions provider for industrial capital projects.
Full-line of plant shutdown and turnaround maintenance services, including predictive maintenance, strategic turnaround services, and plant shutdown execution.
Focuses on the delivering infrastructure and heavy civil construction projects for both public and private sectors, including commercial buildings, steel structures, bridges, highways, and much more.
Environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and best-in class industrial waste water treatment applications, including waste water disposal, water treatment plants, and reverse osmosis systems.

Why Does Field Service Matter? 

Industrial field service typically involves dispatching workers to a designated location to build, assemble, install, maintain or repair buildings, structures, equipment, systems, or assets. Projects are overseen by experienced field service managers, who track progress, communicate with the client, and guide skilled workers tasked with completing specialized jobs like custom fabrication, assembly, and equipment installation.

First and foremost, equipment lifecycles and production throughput are optimized when building or upgrading a facility specifically to support your operations. Additionally, downtime is decreased. As a result, your manufacturing capacity is maximized.

Additionally, letting industrial field service experts like Tech Fab Custom & Production Fabrication handle the work on your behalf frees your personnel to focus on what they do best – manufacturing products that power the world – while reducing health, safety, and environmental impacts. We mitigate adverse effects by streamlining the construction process and utilizing professional, highly skilled crews. 

Your Plant, Prime Shape

Tech Fab Custom & Production Fabrication specializes in providing end-to-end field construction, maintenance, and turnaround services for industrial projects. With structural, mechanical, construction, and piping design, engineering and fabrication expertise under one roof, we can complete complex projects in the field with optimal effectiveness while minimizing risks and costs. No matter the challenge, we have a field division to handle it. 


General Contracting Services 

One-call industrial general contracting services provider. With advanced technology and a skilled workforce, we provide comprehensive project management, planning, and execution solutions. 


Capital Equipment Projects

Full-service manufacturing solutions provider for industrial capital projects.


Facility Turnaround And Maintenance

Comprehensive plant shutdown and turnaround maintenance services provider. Capabilities include predictive maintenance, strategic turnaround services, and plant shutdown implementation.


Infrastructure Division

Delivering infrastructure and heavy civil construction solutions for public and private sector projects. Areas of expertise include commercial buildings, steel structures, bridges, highways, and more.


Environmental Division

Provider of environmentally friendly and sustainable industrial waste water treatment applications. Suitable applications include wastewater disposal, water treatment plants, and reverse osmosis systems.

When on your project, we promote logistical, operational, and energy efficiencies. Furthermore, safety is the utmost concern. Crews are happy to follow all customer requirements or industry standards. 

Here To Serve, Built To Suit

  • Refinery Upgrades
  • Plant Modifications
  • Plant Expansions
  • New Plant Construction
  • Capital Construction
  • Gas Treating and Processing Facilities
  • Tank Terminals and Storage Facilities
  • Compression and Pump Stations
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Certified Welding and Fabrication
  • Pipeline Fabrication and Installation
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection
  • Equipment and Rigging
  • Specialized Transportation
  • Maintenance and Turnaround
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Industrial and Mechanical Construction

Every minute a plant is not operating at optimal capacity or is not in production costs, our client is losing money. We understand that our client’s success depends on Tech Fab having the right people, equipment, and processes in place to ensure plant uptime, reduce plant stoppage or downtime, maximize efficiency, reduce risk and enhance safety, optimize costs, minimize environmental impact, and allow you the time to focus your core business activities. As your strategic industrial services partner, we are dedicated to optimizing your processes and ensuring quality, safety, and sustainability in your business.

Justin Greenwood
President & CEO

Let’s Get Started

From board rooms to production lines and loading docks, ourhighly skilled crews can provide the industrial field services needed to improve your process. Ourapproach begins with a keen set of ears, listening intently to your projectgoals. We then dispatch our crews to your location to support your operation.


Throughout the years, we’ve successfully completed countlessfield service jobs for the nation’s premier industrial companies. Our reliableproject delivery is a big reason we’re the recognized industrial field serviceleader.


Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our field services. We’rehappy to discuss your needs in greater detail. 

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