Engaging Tech Fab to deliver independent industrial, fabrication, and construction solutions can help maximize efficiency, reduce risk and enhance safety, optimize costs, and allow you the time to focus your core business activities. The combination of our experienced management and design team, advanced technology, modern metal fabrication capabilities, vital procedures, safety initiatives, and highly skilled craftsmen allows us to offer value-added solutions to overcome any logistical, operational, safety, and regulatory challenge.

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For over 25 years, Tech Fab has built a reputation as the one-stop-shop solutions provider by offering turnkey heavy fabrication and industrial services across a diverse set of markets. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, quality, safety, and superior service are deeply ingrained in all our service lines. Our customized integrated solutions help companies reduce downtime, eliminate internal errors, minimize costs, increase reliability, and achieve operational excellence.

At Tech-Fab, we believe transparency and accountability are important. We invite all interested parties to view our internal quality manual and a certifications. To maintain our good standing with all organizations we carefully document all production processes and maintain materials and consumables traceability initiatives.

With safety and integrity at the heart of everything we do, Tech Fab has cultivated a culture of doing things the “right way” every time. Because safety is paramount to our business operations, we are committed to zero accidents and zero incidents on every job, regardless of scale or complexity. We have combined process controls, safety initiatives, and job hazard analyses to effectively create protocols and procedures that eliminate risk, prevent personal injury, mitigate damage, and minimize environmental impact.

Tech Fab is deeply committed to providing a safe and secure workplace environment for all our personnel, contractors, partners, and customers. We not only prioritize and emphasize health, safety, security, and environmentally sound practices, but they are ingrained in the way we conduct our daily duties and business operations.

Our focus on safety starts with our people whether they are working in the office, in our fabrication and assembly shops, or performing field services. Educating, planning, and training for the entire team keeps both our people and end product confidently safe.

Tech Fab offers turnkey heavy metal, plate and structural fabrication services to a broad range of industries. Our 25 years of experience in manufacturing custom products for all industries provides us with an in-depth understanding of your application, and the expertise to recommend the most effective fabrication and finishing services to manufacture your product. Our knowledgeable staff is uniquely qualified to take your product from design to finished product, meeting all your application requirements.

We strive to establish a trusted business relationship with all customers based on honesty and integrity. Our experienced team will work tirelessly and safely to provide a multi-discipline effort. This enables Tech Fab to provide a single source solution to resolve all technical challenges and deliver a first-class product that will allow you and your team to focus on operational success.

Family owned and operated, Tech Fab has been providing the highest quality metal fabrication and welding in the industry for over 15 years. Located in Houston, Texas we are ideally located to serve the onshore, offshore, marine, shipping, oil & gas industries, domestic and international chemical, petrochemical, and power generation markets with metal fabrication.

At Tech Fab, we are large enough to meet all your project demands, yet small enough to give each project the personal attention it deserves. Tech Fab prides itself on building strong customer relationships based on honesty, integrity and a no-nonsense approach to doing business, while providing top-notch, custom metal fabrication beyond the Houston area.

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Who we serve

Industries we Serve

Oil & Gas
Oil & GasOil & Gas

We serve top companies with efficient solutions including custom designing, fabricating, and installing pipe, vessels, and structural steel components.


We offer solutions ranging from designing, fabricating, and installing a variety of fabricated components including distillation columns, pipe racks, plant piping, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, and more.

Chemical Processing
Chemical ProcessingChemical Processing

Tech fab is a leading manufacturer of chemical processing equipment. We are a preferred partner of the chemical industry - delivering high-quality craftsmanship, expert engineering capabilities and technical proficiency.

Water Treatment
Water TreatmentWater Treatment

From rolling and welding tanks to wastewater piping systems, Tech Fab delivers a complete wastewater treatment equipment fabrication solution.

Power Generaton
Power GeneratonPower Generaton

We fabricate turbine components, cable pulling heads and skids as well as other equipment for onshore and offshore power generation applications


In an offshore maintenance or construction project, even the smallest equipment repair requires considerable effort – from planning the logistics to handling the materials and equipment to ensuring the right personnel is completing the project.

Material Handling
Material HandlingMaterial Handling

Tech Fab produces fabricated metal products for both standard and custom material handling equipment applications. These machine parts are essential to the day-to-day safety of industrial personnel and efficient operations of manufacturing facilities.

Food & Beverage
Food & BeverageFood & Beverage

We fabricate batch tanks, piping systems, conveyor systems and other equipment that meet FDA requirements for food processing.

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