As a self-performing EPFC company, Tech Fab is committed to providing industry-leading manufacturing, coatings, construction, and field services. From small-scale packages to complex billion projects, we develop comprehensive and detailed execution plans with Advanced Working Package (AWP) as a foundation. AWP is at the core of our daily operations and processes and provides value throughout an entire project cycle – from initial planning to construction to commissioning.

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AWP is a disciplined approach to EPFC project planning and execution that adopts the philosophy of “beginning with the end in mind.” This front-end planning provides a framework and structure for focused execution that defines the overall process flows into detailed work packages. Because construction is involved from the start, it is the top priority for both engineering and procurement. By rearranging the order of planning, AWP allows us to improve project performance and predictability while enhancing productivity, quality, and safety every step of the way.

AWP guides the project scope throughout the entire project lifecycle and aligns planning, engineering, procurement, construction, and installation. aligning all the work packages allows us to devise a collaboration and information management system that is keenly focused on creating a constraint-free work environment. The target of this strategy is to align the source data with the correct users to ensure that our people have the correct information, equipment, materials, and instructions to complete their work. From the very beginning, we integrate the various work packages and define the scope of all work around the path of construction, which removes the guesswork from workface execution and eliminates field constraints. This ensures field execution acceleration and accuracy, which reduces downtime, increases productivity, improves project results, and translates to both schedule and financial savings.

Because AWP is aligned with Tech Fab’s Core Values, we are able to deliver exceptional project performance, greater predictability, higher work and construction quality, increased safety, on-time delivery, and lower costs.


AWP integrates the following work packages to provide a framework for productive and progressive construction projects.

  • Construction Work Areas (CWA). Defines the various components and deliverables on the path of construction.
  • Construction Work Packages (CWP). Executable construction deliverable that details the specific scope of work, including budget and schedule.
  • Engineering Work Packages (EWP). Engineering deliverable used to develop a Construction Work Package while defining a scope of work to support construction.
  • Procurement Work Packages (PWP). Enables the procurement sequences are aligned with the path of construction. It also includes a complete list of the necessary material and equipment for both EWPs and CWPs.
  • Installation Work Packages (IWP). Detailed execution plan that ensures all elements of a CWP are organized and delivered. This ensure quality work can be performed safely, efficiently, and effectively.
AWP Advanced Work Packaging Graphic showing process

Tech Fab develops CWAs and a path of construction during the initial project planning and definition phase. Afterwards, both the EWPs and CWPs are formulated during this detailed design phase. This interactive planning also requires the EWPs and PWPs to agree on a sequence all functions can support to ensure construction does not begin until the engineering, material, and labor are available. As the project progresses into the construction phase, the Workface Planning occurs, and the IWPs are implemented.

AWP helps us ensure that we have a strong and clear alignment between engineering, procurement, and construction teams. This results in a EPFC project delivered on time, on budget, and to quality.


  • Improves project performance and predictability
  • Increased jobsite safety
  • Enhanced project management, coordination, and collaboration
  • Reduces safety incident and lost-time accidents
  • Increases quality and reduces change orders and rework
  • Increases productivity and helps on-time deliver
  • Optimizes project execution and outcome
  • Decreases downtime
  • Reduces asset and overall project costs

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