Heavy Metal Fabrication

Tech-Fab offers turnkey heavy metal and steel fabrication services to a broad range of industries. With over 15 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff is uniquely qualified to take your project from design to finished product. Our expertise in fabricating heavy metal products provides us with the ability to understand your application, working with you to recommend the most effective fabrication and finishing services to ensure that the product we fabricate will meet all your application requirements. We'll provide the solution so that your part is done right, on time and on budget.

Our state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility is equipped with the latest fabrication equipment and manufacturing technology. We have the capability to fabricate tight tolerances, meeting your exact and requirements and provide you with a high quality finished product. Our steel fabrication capabilities are unmatched, providing you with the industry's top quality at competitive pricing. We manufacture all quantities, from prototypes and single part orders to full production runs. Tech-Fab's metal fabrication capabilities include working with a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium and more.

Additionally, Tech-Fab is your one-stop job shop, offering a variety of value-added services in addition to our metal fabrication services including welding, assembly, engineering and industrial coatings to cut down on your costs, reduce shipping, and be more convenient for the customer. As the best steel fabricators in the nation, Tech-Fab serves all industries, including the marine, material handling, power generation, railroad, petrochemical, mining, process equipment and construction equipment industries, specializing in industrial component design, custom heavy metal fabrication and manufacturing. Some of the products we fabricate are:


  • Railcar & Railroad Components

    railcar and railroad components fabrication

    Steam channels and Siphon Pipes being among the first of production runs for Tech-Fab put us ahead of the curve when it comes to railcar components.

  • Offshore Rig Components

    offshore rig components fabrication

    We can custom fabricate offshore rig components to fit your exact need. All components are built to last in the corrosive offshore environment.

  • Oil Field Equipment

    oil field equipment fabrication

    We have extensive experience fabricating custom products for the oil & gas industry, for both onshore and offshore applications.

  • Industrial Skids

    industrial skids fabrication

    Our production facility provides the capabilities to fabricate custom skids to the exact specifications, using a wide range of materials and to the tightest of fabricated....Read More

  • Turbine Skids

    turbine skids fabrication

    Our state-of-the-art production facility provides the capabilities to fabricate turbine skids to complex and exact specifications....Read More

  • Launch & Recovery Skids

    launch and recovery skid fabrication

    Launch and recovery skids are used for the deployment and recovery of equipment for offshore applications for use in harsh and demanding environments...Read More

  • Aluminum, Carbon & Stainless Steel Framing

    custom carbon steel framing

    Tech-Fab is a leading fabricator of custom carbon steel and stainless steel framing for structural and industrial applications...Read More

  • Construction Equipment

    construction equipment fabrication

    Tech-Fab fabricates custom construction equipment for the construction, maintenance, oilfield and military industries...Read More

  • Custom Trusses

    custom truss fabrication

    For over 15 years, Tech-Fab has offered metal fabrication services for structural components, including custom trusses for roof and ceiling support...Read More

  • Conveyor Platforms

    conveyer platform manufacturer

    We manufacture a full line of custom conveyor platforms used for material handling and processing applications...Read More

  • Storage Tanks

    storage tank fabricator

    We are able to custom build storage tanks to fit your specifications and needs whether it is offshore or onshore.

  • Structural Fabrication

    structural fabrication

    Fabrication for structural products, including handrail components, enclosures, manifolds, subsea umbilical housings and subsea mudmats...Read More

  • Plate Fabrication

    plate fabrication

    Custom manufacturing for tanks, vessels, bolster plates, cylinders and hoppers and other products requiring plate construction...Read More

  • Custom Fabrication

    custom metal fabrication

    Manufacturing for specialty applications than that can require a combination of fabrication methods. These products can include bulkheads, specialty...Read More

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