2-Phase Separators

Tech-Fab’s dual-phase oil and gas separators are used to extract gas from the other liquids present in well effluent. Available in numerous configurations, including 2-phase spherical, vertical and horizontal separators, these precision instruments offer important advantages that businesses operating in the petroleum industry simply can’t afford to be without.

Benefits of 2-Phase Separators

The proven benefits of using 2 phase separators include:

  • More informed decision-making during field operations when volume or composition of well outflow would otherwise be unknown
  • Easy portability
  • A long high-performance lifespan
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Safe for use in hydrogen sulfide-rich conditions
  • Reduced pollution
  • Continuous petroleum production, leading to increased costs and higher overall revenue rates

The basic design of a 2-phase separator consists of top and bottom valves. Gas drains through a mist extractor in the top valve, eliminating water residue. All other fluids, including water, oil and emulsion residue, are collected in the bottom valve. This stage separation process helps your team make timely and informed decisions when working in the field.

Horizontal vs Vertical Two-Phase Separators

Generally speaking, horizontal 2-phase separators are recommended for situations in which there is a low to mid-range gas ratio in the effluent, while vertical 2 phase separators are better for high-ratio outflow applications. All Tech-Fab’s 2-phase separators offer intuitive yet comprehensive instrumentation panels and controls, along with a complete range of safety features that protects your material assets as well as your human resources.

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As a manufacturer of 2 phase separators, Tech-Fab’s team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service professionals is happy to offer expert advice on 2-phase separators, helping you choose the device best-suited for your intended application. Tech-Fab also fabricates other lines of custom pressure vessels, including mud gas separators and well test separators in addition to horizontal 3-phase separators. To learn more, or to request a price quote or detailed machine specifications, please contact Tech-Fab by dialing (281) 862-9001.

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