3-Phase Separators

Tech-Fab's Advanced 3-Phase Separators

Tech-Fab's 3 phase separators are advanced, precision machines primarily used in the oil and gas industry to separate outflowing raw petroleum from a body of water. Tech-Fab 3-phase horizontal separator

The 3-Phase Separator Process

The three phase separators work by dividing water, oil, and gas from well effluent, facilitating continuous production with no need to interrupt ongoing work to perform repairs or maintenance tasks on wells.

Tech-Fab's 3 phase horizontal separators offer:

  • Industry-leading anti-corrosion properties
  • Extended Life
  • Consistently High Level of Peformance

Benefits of 3-Phase Separators

Investing in a 3 phase horizontal separator is a wise decision for any company that maintains field production facilities in the petroleum industry.

Reduce The Guesswork

Without a high-performance separator, your team will be left to guesswork to determine the volume and composition of outflowing resources, which can lead to errant decisions that may compromise your bottom line.

When you use a 3-phase separator, you’ll be able to make sound decisions when it comes to resource distribution, increasing each project’s profit potential.

Ideal For Oil, Gas, and Water

A 3-phase separator is an invaluable tool for testing production wells and frac flowback processes.

These oil & gas separators are also environmentally friendly and help reduce potentially devastating and costly accidents while increasing the lifespan of supplementary extraction and testing equipment.

Unlike the two-phase separators, Tech-Fab's 3-phase separators are ideal for oil, gas and water.

They are portable and easy to transport, and can be used in environments with high levels of hydrogen sulfide.

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As one of the industry's best three phase separator manufacturer, our 3 phase separators offer:

A unique, streamlined design that facilitates superior ease of use.

Adjustable flow metering to account for a comprehensive array of flow rates

Adjustable surface sampling capabilities to account for a comprehensive array of flow rates

Teach-Fab also fabricates 2-phase separators in horizontal, vertical and spherical configurations for various applications.

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