Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidizers are used in a wide range of industries to help reduce emissions, control pollution, and help companies meet environmental safety codes and standards. While numerous types of thermal oxidizers are available, they all draw on the same operational combustion processes and principles.

Tech-Fab is a trusted thermal oxidizers manufacturer with years of experience designing and fabricating equipment for a range of applications.

Types of Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidation technologies utilize a wide range of operational mechanisms to achieve the energy-efficient removal of dangerous chemical contaminants from exhaust emissions. Some of the options available to our industrial clients include:

  • Regenerative thermal oxidizers. Catalytic and thermal regenerative oxidizers use energy-efficient technologies to help reduce operating costs.
  • Recuperative thermal oxidizers. Carefully balanced internal temperatures in recuperative oxidizers put reduced strain and wear on operational components, leading to long life and outstanding durability.
  • Direct fired thermal oxidizers. Direct fired abatement technologies are capable of coming online very quickly, helping to maximize efficiency. They are especially effective for applications requiring the safe elimination of high pollutant concentrations.

Oxidizers work by forcing pollutants and contaminants into a chemical reaction with oxygen gas in a carefully controlled and optimized environment. This process, known as “oxidation,” destroys the contaminating substances before the chemical byproduct is released. Once the oxidation process is complete, the resultant emissions contain only water vapor, heat and carbon dioxide.

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