Test Separator Skid Packages

Skid-mounted test separators perform a vital function in the analysis of both onshore and offshore wells. When gas and oil are contained in water effluent, site engineers need to accurately determine the relative composition of the fluid in order to make critical decisions that affect costs and production efficiency.

Well test separators have a range of applications, including:

  • Exploration of both onshore and offshore wells
  • Well development
  • Oil well production testing and resource extraction
  • Post-production cleanup

Benefits of Test Separators

Well test separators are considered essential equipment in the exploration, development and production of active wells. They provide an ongoing return on investment by giving onsite decision-makers crucial information that facilitates the more efficient extraction of valuable resources.

Design & Features

Typical test separators are made up of a storage vessel, a multi-meter measuring system that detects oil and gas flow rates, relief values to negate excessive pressure, and sampling points where effluent is extracted for analysis. Test separators are available in the following configurations:

  • 2-Phase Separators: These are the simplest designs, which simply extract oil and gas (phase one) from water (phase two).
  • 3-Phase Separators: More advanced analysis is facilitated with a three-phase separator, which divide oil (phase one), gas (phase two), and water (phase three).
  • 4-Phase Separators: The most sophisticated separators add an additional phase, which separately extracts sand from oil, gas, and water.

Expert Test Separator Fabrication

Tech-Fab is pleased to offer a wide range of high-performing test separators featuring precision engineering and durable element and corrosion resistance. We can also customize a complete gamut of purpose-built industrial equipment to meet unique or specific client needs. To learn more, or to obtain a price quote on our family of test separator skid packages, please contact a Tech-Fab customer service representative by calling (281) 862-9001.

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