Surface & Subsea Components

Subsea applications demand equipment that meets strict standards in order to provide safe, reliable and long-term operation of the equipment. Tech-Fab has the experience and knowledge to fabricate housings and enclosures that meet those requirements and protect the equipment used for subsea applications. We specialize in the construction of subsea umbilical housings and termination housing used to protect cables and wires. Whether the cabling is run for a short distance in shallow water, or a long distance in deep water to offshore drilling operations, we can manufacture housing that will meet the requirements to withstand the harsh subsea environment.

Tech-Fab has over 25 years of experience supplying custom subsea housings to the oil and gas, marine, power generation and communications industries. Our 26,000 sq.ft., fully-equipped assembly facility provides us with the capabilities to fabricate custom housings to your exact requirements. Our expert project management staff will work with you to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

  • ROV Cans / Receivers

    ROV cans and receivers fabrication

    Tech-Fab manufactures cans and receivers for remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) used in the underwater mining, oil and gas extraction and subsea construction industries...Read More

  • Subsea Mudmat

    Subsea mudmats are used to provide additional support for equipment on the sea floor when the seabed is too soft to adequately support the equipment...Read More

  • SUTAs

    subsea umbilical termination assemblies fabrication

    Tech-Fab's SUTA's are designed to handle power and fluid cabling, and can include pumping equipment and hoses...Read More

  • ABS Marine Fabrication

    ABS marine fabrication

    Our expertise in fabricating marine and offshore projects provides us with the ability to understand your application, working with you to recommend...Read More

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