Spiral Arc Welding

We offer spiral arc welding, also known as submerged arc welding. In this welding process, the material is submerged under a bed of fusible flex, which becomes conductive when heated. The resulting weld is sound, uniform and corrosion resistant, with a deep weld penetration. It is a high-speed, automated process that is used for long straight welds and is effective for thin sheets of metal. Submerged arc welding is used for pipes, tanks, vessels and enclosures. It is used for carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastalloy®, Inconel® and nickel alloys.

submerged arc welding

Tech-Fab’s welders are highly trained and expert in spiral arc welding, and are skilled in welding pipes and tank seams. Our welders are AWS certified and all of our welding services meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII Division 1 and ABS standards. Our welders are constantly trained in the latest production methods and safety requirements.

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