Pressure Vessels

Over the last two decades, our family-owned and operated firm has built a reputation for superior ASME pressure vessel fabrication along with metal fabrication and welding. Tech-Fab operates with a strict commitment to quality control: ensuring accuracy, workmanship, and compliance with a range of industry standards. All of Tech-Fab’s custom pressure vessels are manufactured with performance and safety in mind, exceeding the ASME certification standards in Section VIII, Division 1. Tech-Fab manufactures a variety of pressure vessels for all applications including 2-phase and 3-phase separators, test separators, mud gas separators, skid packages and silo tanks.

Pressure Vessel Alloy Material Options

At Tech-Fab, our engineers use a complete range of economical high-performance alloys to create premium-quality pressure vessels that meet Section VIII Division 1 standards. Available alloys include:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex
  • Aluminum

Each of these materials offers a unique set of performance characteristics, and our experienced service team will help you select and fabricate the best pressure vessel for your intended application.

Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessel Specification Standards

Division 1 specification standards ensure that both fired and unfired pressure vessels maintain their performance under external or internal pressure exceeding 15 psig. More specifically, these standards are applied to the design, fabrication, manufacture, examination, inspection, and certification processes used in the assembly of Tech-Fab pressure vessels.

This standards division codifies the designators used to indicate ASME certification, including U, UM, and UV classifications. Additionally, it details protocols for approved processes and fabrication techniques, including brazing, welding and forging.

As Houston's best ASME pressure vessel manufacturer, Tech-Fab’s unique and thorough testing and manufacturing process also makes extensive use of industry-leading design software, allowing our engineers to reduce costs while ensuring that pressure vessels deliver reliability, durability, and long life in the most demanding conditions. As an added benefit, we deploy industry-trusted design software that generates precision calculations and allows our pressure vessels to outperform market alternatives.

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