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Aluminum Cabin and AssemblyAssembly Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger 11Assembly Oxidizer with Heat ExchangerFit Up and AssemblyComplete Fabrication and Assembly (Vessel) 2Complete Fabrication and Assembly (Vessel) 3Complete Fabrication and Assembly (Vessel) 4Complete Fabrication and Assembly (Vessel)Assorted Custom Fab 6Custom Fab (1)Custom Fab (2)Custom Fab (3)Custom Fab (4)Custom Fab (5)Custom Fab (BBQ Pit)
Custom Fab (BBQ Pit 1)Custom Fab (Fan)Custom Fab (Fan 2)Custom Fab (Mixer)Custom Fab (Stainless Steel Outlet)Custom Fab 10Custom Fab 11 (Convolution)Custom Fab 12(deployment sled)Custom Fab 13Custom Fab 14Custom Fab 15Custom Fab 17Custom Fab 18Custom Fab 19Custom Fab 20 (Clamp)
Custom Fab 21Custom Fab 22 (4inch plate)Custom Fab 22Custom Fab 23Custom Fab 24 (Rolled Mesh)Custom Fab 25 (Rolled Perf)Custom Fab 7Custom Fab 8Custom Fab 9Custom Fab Chute 1Custom Fab and Assembly 1Custom Fab and Assembly 2Custom Fab and AssemlyCustom Fab broke plateCustom Fab chute
Custom FabCustom MFG (Stainless Steel Cowboy Hat)Custom Pipe (Roll and Weld)Custom Tank and FittingsDucting Work (9ft) 1Ducting Work (9ft) 2Ducting Work (9ft) 3Ducting Work (9ft) 4Ducting Work (9ft)Inconel Fabrication (Brackets)Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones) 17Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones) 5Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)1Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)10
Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)11Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)12Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)13Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)14Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)15Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)16Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)18Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)19Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)20Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)21Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)22Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)3Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)6Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)8Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Cones)9
Inconel Fabrication (Rolled Ring)Inconel TeeBevelingBurn WorkDrill Stem Clamp 2Drill Stem Clamp 3Drill Stem ClampHastalloy Heat ShieldHyd Mech SawInterior Facility Photo 2Interior Facility Photo 3Interior Facility PhotoLifting Plate 1Lifting PlateOn Time Delivery 1
On Time DeliveryPRESSPUNCHProduction Fab (Rolled Mesh)Production Fab 2Production Work 1Quality ControlRail Car (Steam Channel) Production Fabrication 2Rail Car (Steam Channels) Production FabricationRepair WorkRinged cylinderRollingShearShipping Container 1Shipping Container
Square to Round TransitionStainless Scrubber (14ft diameter)Stainless Scrubber 2Stainless Scrubber 3Stainless Steel Frame (Production Work)Water Manifoldsawcutwork in process (BBQ Pit)On Site & Installation Bridge GuardOn Site & Installation Hand Rail (2)On Site & Installation Hand Rail and CableOn Site & Installation Hand RailPollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 1Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 18Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 19
Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 2Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 4Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 6Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 7Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger) 8Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger)Pollution Control Systems (Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger)3Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 10Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 2Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 3Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 5Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 6Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 7Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 8Pollution Control Systems (Stainless Scrubber) 9
IMG_2753 (Copy)IMG_2912 (Copy)IMG_3535 (Copy)IMG_3539 (Copy)IMG_3654 (Copy)IMG_4816 (Copy)IMG_4861 (Copy)IMG_4862 (Copy)IMG_4868 (Copy)IMG_4871 (Copy)IMG_4872 (Copy)IMG_4995 (Copy)IMG_5437 (Copy)IMG_5441 (Copy)IMG_5442 (Copy)
IMG_5443 (Copy)IMG_5445 (Copy)IMG_5710 (Copy)IMG_5713 (Copy)IMG_6388 (Copy)IMG_6393 (Copy)IMG_6394 (1) (Copy)IMG_6394 (Copy)IMG_6770 (Copy)Sub Sea Equipment (1)Sub Sea Equipment (2)Sub Sea Equipment (Bell Mouth Stab Unit) 1Sub Sea Equipment (Bell Mouth Stab Unit)Sub Sea Equipment (Fabrication Assembly)Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Can) 1
Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Can) 2Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Can) 5Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Can) 6Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Can)Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 12Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 13Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 14Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 15Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 19Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 20Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 21Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 22Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 23Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 24Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 25
Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 26Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 27Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 29Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Cans) 30Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers) 2Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers)Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers)1Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers)3Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers)4Sub Sea Equipment (ROV Receivers)5Sub Sea Equipment (Sub Sea Umbilical Housing) 1Sub Sea Equipment (Sub Sea Umbilical Housing) 5Sub Sea Equipment (Sub Sea Umbilical Housing) 6Sub Sea Equipment (Sub Sea Umbilical Housing)Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 1
Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 10Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 11Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 12Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 13Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 14Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 15Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 16Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 2Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 20Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 3Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 4Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 5Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 6Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 7Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 8
Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box) 9Sub Sea Equipment (UTA Box)19Sub Sea Equipment 4Sub Support316 Stainless (Heli Arc) Tig WeldCross WeldInconel Welding (Brackets)Stainless Tig Weld 1Stainless Tig Weld 10Stainless Tig Weld 2Stainless Tig Weld 5Stainless Tig Weld 6Stainless Tig Weld 7Stainless Tig Weld 9Stainless Tig Weld
Stianless Tig Weld 18Tig WeldWelding

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