Mud Gas Separators

Mud gas separators are commonly used during oil drilling operations, particularly in situations when extraction is likely to yield a large volume of gas. Often referred to as degassers, these systems offer many benefits when drilling operations are centered on mud columns that are below optimal balance, and in so-called “sour gas” environments when there is a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the drilling fluid. Tech-Fab fabricates and manufactures custom mud gas separators for the oil and gas industry and more.

For safety reasons, mud-based deposits of free gas must be removed from the drilling fluid, and most mud gas separators use uniform technologies to achieve this objective. Drilling fluid enters the machine through an inlet and is passed over a series of baffles, where physical separation of the gas and the mud takes place. Extracted gases are then rerouted through a flare line for safe elimination, while the mud is fed through a shale shaker before ultimately being deposited in a storage tank. The speed of mud gas separators is measured in gallons per minute, representing the maximum intake capacity at the inlet.

Design & Features

There are three major types of mud gas separators that Tech-Fab fabricates:

  • Open Bottom: These separators are often called “poor boys,” and immerse the bottom of the machine in the mud deposit.
  • Closed Bottom: A closed bottom mud gas separator features a sealed base, which directs the mud return into the storage tank.
  • Float: The float design is similar to the closed bottom type of separator, except that it has a valve rather than a permanently sealed line for the mud return. Fixed or elevated pedestals are also used to mount the base.

Expert Mud Gas Separator Fabrication

Tech-Fab offers a range of mud gas separators and degassers fabrication services for clients engaged in drilling and extraction activities. To learn more, or to request a price quote, please contact a Tech-Fab customer service representative at (281) 862-9001 today.

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