Inline Separator Skid Packages

Skid-mounted inline separators have a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, but they are primarily used to divide condensation deposits in air piping, steam piping, and water effluents. Buildups of condensation can trigger a condition known as "water hammer" which is a surge in pressure caused by abrupt changes in directional flow or momentum. Condensation is also a common cause of corrosion in valves and piping, making it essential to have a high performing separator to eliminate buildup.

Benefits of Inline Water Separators

Tech-Fab manufactures inline separators that have various benefits inlcuding:

  • Inline, condensate separators can eliminate as much as 99% of built-up condensation through the targeted release of compressed and pressurized air into the machine’s outlet
  • Inline separator skid packages are built from metals with excellent resistance to saline marine environments, ensuring long life and sustained performance
  • Tech-Fab’s range of inline separator skid packages and skid-mounted systems use advanced, proven technologies that maximize efficiency and provide powerful operating pressures

Determining Flow Rate

Maximum flow rates are determined by applying the inline separator model’s specific correction factor to its pressure capability specification, which is measured in pounds per square inch gauge (psig). This correction factor corresponds with the operational pressure of the machine, while the overall pressure represents the model’s unadjusted flow rate. You should select an inline separator with an application-specific flow rate, and if you require any assistance in determining which model is right for you, the Tech-Fab customer service team is happy to help.

Expert Inline Separator Fabrication

To learn more about our inline separator skid mounted packages, or to obtain a fast, no-obligation price quote, please contact Tech-Fab by calling (281) 862-9001. Our team of specially trained, courteous and professional customer service representatives is happy to answer any questions you may have about our widely acclaimed line of high-performing industrial equipment.

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