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At Tech-Fab, we are pleased to employ professionals who hold membership in the American Welding Society (AWS). Our affiliation with the AWS also gives us privileged access to extensive technical and informational resources, which inform and improve our methodologies as well as our production, testing, and inspection standards.

The American Welding Society was established in 1919 in New York City, and has been headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1971. The AWS continues to observe its original mandate to promote the advancement of welding- and fabrication-related technical disciplines. Taking a scientific and technology-centered approach, the AWS is involved in a broad range of industries, including everything from construction and manufacturing to military weaponry and aerospace machinery.

Additionally, the AWS offers a wide range of professional certifications, and we are pleased to employ staff members who meet their demanding proficiency criteria. AWS certification programs include:

  • Certified welding inspector (CWI)
  • Certified associate welding inspector (CAWI)
  • Senior certified welding inspector (SCWI)
  • Supplemental CWI/SCWI endorsement credentials
  • CWI, CAWI and SCWI skills upgrade and renewal programs

The AWS also offers training programs for welding engineers, robotic welding, and fabricators, among other specializations. Tech-Fab’s endorsement of AWS programs ensures that our clients and partners have access to highly qualified, specially trained, and exceptionally skilled professionals who take pride in their work and enhance the value of our products. We believe that providing superior products and services at highly competitive rates is the best way to forge mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

For questions about the credentials of our welding team, or to obtain a fast, free, no-obligation quote for your next project, please contact a Tech-Fab customer service representative by calling (281) 862-9001.

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