ABS Marine Fabrication

Tech-Fab offers turnkey ABS marine fabrication services to the marine, shipping, and offshore oil and gas industries. We are located in Houston, TX, making us ideally located to serve the international and US markets. With over 25 years of experience in marine fabrication, our knowledgeable staff is uniquely qualified to take your project from design to finished product. Our expertise in fabricating marine and offshore projects provides us with the ability to understand your application, working with you to recommend the most effective fabrication and finishing services to ensure that the product we fabricate will meet all your application requirements as well as our high quality standards.

We specialize in fabricating equipment for the marine, shipping and offshore oil and gas industries, providing quality products that will perform well in the harsh offshore environment. As Houston's best marine fabricators, we deliver quality products every time for every application. Some of the ABS marine products we fabricate are:

  • Aluminum Wheel Houses

    aluminum wheel houses fabrication

    Our state-of-the-art production facilities and skilled staff can fabricate custom aluminum wheel houses to meet your exact requirements...Read More

  • Bulkheads

    bulkhead fabrication

    Tech-Fab fabricates custom bulkheads for ships and docks, including: Structural frames and walls for internal bulkheads, Dock bulkheads using steel...Read More

  • Deck Stands & Boxes

    deck stands and boxes fabrication

    Deck stands and boxes are used for storage and to house equipment and components. Tech-Fab is experienced in fabricating stands and boxes, whether they are large...Read More

  • Holding Tanks

    holding tanks fabrication

    Water tanks are widely used in the marine and offshore oil and gas industries. Whether the tanks are used on board ships or offshore platforms for drinking water..Read More

  • Pilot Houses

    pilot houses fabrication

    Pilot houses are fabricated for use on ships, boats, tugs and barges. Tech-Fab’s fabrication services include:...Read More

  • Piping Systems

    piping systems fabrication

    Piping systems are used throughout ships, at shipping terminals and on offshore platforms. They are used for applications as varied as ventilation systems onboard ships and platforms...Read More

  • Rudders & Wing Tanks

    custom rudders and wing tanks

    Tech-Fab can fabricate custom rudders and wing tanks for your project, whether it is a custom order for tanker construction or repair, or a production run for yachts. We can fabricate...Read More

  • Tug & Barge Components

    tug and barge components fabrication

    Using the most up-to-date production methods and equipment, Tech-Fab fabricates custom tug and barge components that can weather the marine environment...Read More

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